Rapid Tooling

Our high-speed automated manufacturing allows you to quickly manufacture of molds for plastic injection molding as prototype tools made ​​of aluminum (Soft Tolls) or small series tools with loose parts.

  • Tools of prototypes
  • Tools for small series

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Prototype Tooling

For the prototype construction, we create precise prototype tools to ensure all quality and production requirements in the injection moulding process. Prototype tools are tools with a focus on rapid, cost-effective manufacturability with very limited output quantity on up to 1000 pieces in high component quality. Often used in the manufacture of parts of text or for the start of series or process validation.

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Tools for small series

For your small series production, we will develop reliable tools that are specifically designed to apply over a longer production period, a small amount of parts. Here our developments from it, tooling costs and parts prices low requirement endure while ensuring part quality over a long period. This often occurs with partially automated steel tools.

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