In our production, we have specialized on the highly accurate manufacturing of the most important tool part – the ´CAVITÄT´[engl. cavity]. We craft it on HSC machines with laser measurement and zero-point clamping systems. Each contour can be securely repeated on all of the following process steps being able to be checked automatically by standardized zero point clamping systems. This creates the largest possible cross-process contour accuracy. This is a prerequisite for subsequent corrections, enhancements and changes on the highest level of quality.


The basic condition for any modern processing machine is 3D CAD data. In here both cost of tool making and quality of tools and components is defined. That is why our experienced employees in the construction department are literally the think tank of the company.

Due to the proximity to production processes and structures we review and improve our construction almost on a daily basis to conclude a final definition of our high quality standard:

  • 5 work stations
  • CATIA V5
  • Focus on shares of Volkswagen
  • Connected to the Volkswagen design data system KVS
  • IT security certificate by VW and approved for the handling of confidential data

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Each machine movement if the cutter or electrode is prepared in the CAM system detail. Our CAM experts requirement define the most economical, fastest and highest quality production method.

At the same time the processing standards of programs for our 3- and 5-axis high-speed milling machines, Electrode milling and EDM machines are created.

  • 3 work stations
  • PowerMILL (Declam)
  • Powershape (Declam)

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Metrology is essential, but even initial setting up of the workpieces a necessary application to ensure high quality in the later stages of production in tool not only in the quality control. We measure all workpieces exactly by the palletizing. Here, the often only minimal shifts of the workpiece in X , Y , or Z and the twist to the theoretical zero point are passed to a database to which each machine has access. In addition to the workpieces, we can also represent a survey of plastic parts here. A profound metrology is one of our quality features.

  • 3D CNC-measuring Machine PreSet (Erowa)
    Software: ARCO CAD
    Traverse X x Y x Z = 700 x 650 x 500 mm

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Our HSC machining of workpieces and electrodes is fully automated. The measured workpieces and electrode blanks can be stored on pallets in a shelf system. Controlled by a database and detection chip, a robot transfers the workpiece as well as the necessary milling tools, the offset data and the processing programs to the preselected HSC machine. During the processing the wear of the machining tools will be checked by a laser measurement and thus the quality will be ensured. If a tool has a measurable wear it is replaced by one of about 400 sister tools. The operator has the option of prioritizing workpieces. The whole thing almost 24 throughout the year. Only so your tools can be manufactured economically at the highest quality.


2 and 2.5D milling and preparation of contour inserts from behind palletising:

  • 1 CNC – Milling Machine DMU 50
    3D continuous path control iTNC 530
    Traverse X x Y x Z = 500 x 450 x 400 mm


Automated production of electrodes (graphite), aluminium inserts and inserts made ​​of hardened steel:

  • 2 HSC Milling Machines RXP 601 / RXP 500 (Röders)
    Workspace X x Y x Z = 600 x 450 x 300 mm Headroom: 385 mm


Machining of mold plates:

  • 1 High Speed Milling Machine
    RFM 760 (Röders)
    Workspace X x Y x Z = 760 x 550 x 400 mm
    Headroom; 485 mm


To accommodate the company EROWA pallet systems:

  • 1 Automation system – assembly robotsfor the supply of the 2 HSC Milling Machines RFM 600 / RXP 500
    dimensions 6,5 x 6,5 x 4 m


Total capacity:

  • 140 Pallets type Erowa IST 50 (Electrodes and workpieces up to 100 x 100 mm)
  • 8 Pallets type Erowa IST 100 (workpieces up to 200 x 200 mm)
  • 12 Pallets type Erowa UPC (workpieces up to 320 x 400 mm)
  • 432 Milling tools type HSK 402 cover pallets IST 50/100 and UPC

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If the milling technique has reached its limits or very sharp contours the EDM is the only production possibility. Both the electrodes, which are made of 98% graphite, and the workpieces are taken to zero point clamping systems. The machine is connected to the offset database and assumes the offset data from the milling technique.

  • CNC-diesinking machine exeron model S 313 MF
    adjustment paths X x Y x Z = 62 x 420 x 400 mm
  • Erosion machine DE 10-C (cover)
    Workspace X x Y x Z = 215 x 165 x 250 mm
    Mounting dimensions: 350 x 240 mm

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Manual production

Putting the finishing touches and the final quality of the tools are determined in manual work by our employees. All of “quality fanatics” and responsible for the release of the tool in the final process step. The experienced staff close the loop on quality level to design and optimize cycle time, cost and quality.

  • 1 piece lathe EMCO MAXIMAT SUPER 11
  • Various drills, grinders
  • Various tools for manual tooling

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Injection moulding

Solid experience and quality in tool is unhelpful, if not experienced injection molding experts retract the tools and the agreed product quality can ensure over the entire production time. For this reason, we produce in accordance with EN 16949 certification. So we have the statistical quality analysis (SPC) to correct recurring errors or to recognize creeping deviations.

  • Injection molding machine Arburg Allrounder 221
    Clamping force: 25 t
    Injection weight: 41 g
  • Injection molding machine Arburg Allrounder 370
    Clamping force: 75 t
    Injection weight: 132g
  • Injection molding machine Arburg Allrounder 570
    Clamping force: 220 t Injection weight: 359 g

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